What Is Health Plan Of Michigan?

Health care has become one of the most discussed topics nowadays, as it has become more expensive than ever before. Health Plan of Michigan is considered to be the largest Medicaid HMO in Michigan State. It also provides health care to more than 278,000 people who have enrolled for Medicaid through a contract with Michigan DCH (Department of Community Health). HPM is the physician managed and privately owned Medicaid health plan. The corporate headquarters of health plan of MI are located in Detroit, Michigan. It has also been noticed that HPM operated in sixty-seven countries currently.

The disease management programs of Health Plan of Michigan were developed for members having disease such as asthma, diabetes, COPD and CVD. These programs were designed to help you assist and follow the treatment schedule developed by their health care providers. Some of the services provided by these plans include:

• The members will be able to get support from health care staff and nurses so that their condition is managed effectively and the staff also evaluates their medical condition periodically.

• In order to keep the members updated and informed, periodic newsletters are provided to the members regarding their disease and some tips to self-manage.

• Informational and educational materials are offered to help members understand and manage prescribed medications. How to plan for visits effectively to see their health care provider and reminders about these visits.

For more information about the services offered by Health Plan of Michigan, you can visit the official websites to understand the enrollment procedure. It is possible to speak to them, as their contact number is also made available on these sites. The main aim of HPM is to improve the quality of life in a limited resource environment. Because of the effectiveness of their plans and services, it has been growing day by day and more people are getting associated with this.

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