How Illinois CHIP Insurance Is Helpful

In Illinois, people have an option to get a high-risk pool program, which is called Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan. It is also called Illinois CHIP insurance and it offers health insurance for those people who have health problems but they are unable to purchase private health insurance coverage. People who are eligible for HIPAA plan are also eligible for Illinois CHIP insurance. It is also considered to be a qualified health plan for those who are eligible for health coverage tax credit (HCTC). Individuals are refused to get coverage by various insurance companies for a number of reasons such as presence of pre-existing conditions.

Illinois CHIP insurance offers help to these people living in Illinois. This has been established by the state legislature that offers health insurance to those people who have been denied the benefits and coverage elsewhere. There are a lot of plans such as Illinois children health insurance that have been introduced by it. Some of the plans are explained as below:

• Medicare Plan

Prescription drugs are not covered under this plan and it applies co-payments and deductibles to coverage once the benefits of Medicare are determined. It is offered to those people who are below 65 years of age and are enrolled in Parts A and Part B of Medicare because of disability. It is also available to those people whose health insurance has been turned down because of pre-existing condition.

• HIPAA Plan

This HIPAA plan is available to those people who are qualified for federal HIPAA coverage. The person should not have any health plan if he wants to be eligible for this plan. He should not be eligible for Medicare, Medicaid and group health plan.

• Health Care Tax Credit

For this plan, the person has to be between 55 to 65 years of age. Eighty percent of health insurance premiums are paid by Health Care Tax Credit (HCTC).

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